Gel Nails

Gel nails have become indispensable

There is a reason why gel nail polish has become a modern mainstay of beauty. Gel nails are virtually indestructible, enormously shiny and are offered in almost every nail salon.

That's why it's very important to distinguish yourself as a nail stylist from the mainstream, with the best gel nail products. And of course you've come to the right place. All necessities for your gel nails can be found here.

Builder Gel

Urban Nails Fiber Gel & Ugly Duckling Nails Sculpting Gel in jars and bottles

Gel Polish

Over 170 colors!

Color Gel

With real one-coat application!

Rubber Base

For extreme adhesion

Nail-Art Gels

Schtik it, Gem Gel, Spider Gel, Schmelt it, 3D Gel, and much, much more!


To remove the tacky dispersion layer after curing your gel

LED UV Lamps

From mini-flashlight up to professional salon equipment

Gel Brushes

Brushes for gel nails

Buy gel nails products at Alina Hoyo

All gel nails products and promotions from our store in Bruges, Belgium, can also be found in our online store If you're looking for gel nails, you can really take your time in our online store to take a look at everything, as often as you like, so you won't forget anything for the perfect gel nails. Check out our gel nails at the moment and time of the day when it suits you best. See nice gel nails products today that you want to remember for later? Click on the heart next to the product to save it to your favorites.
Our gel nail products consist of stronger ingredients that grip the nail more firmly than traditional lacquers and are strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear without crumbling.

Gel nails accessories you should have

If you are looking for gel nails products, we have a large selection of gel nail products for you, just like you expect from us. Whether you are looking for a good builder gel or a gel polish - of which we have more than 170 colors in our offer - but also color gels, rubber base gels, gel cleanser and LED UV lamps. I can hear you thinking, do I have to buy so many products? The basics to start with are a primer, base gel, builder gel and brushes for gel application. To cure the gel, you need an LED UV lamp. You then clean the gel nails with a cleanser and finish with a top coat. Of course don't forget the necessary accessories such as a file, tips and a tip nipper.

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