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Gel nail cleanser

Ugly Duckling's gel nail cleanser is not to be missed in your salon. Let me explain exactly what a cleanser does: most gel products leave a sticky dispersion layer after they are cured in the lamp. This layer is actually a thin layer of gel that is not fully polymerized (cured). This is a perfect base layer to apply the next layer, such as a color or topcoat. After the final layer of topcoat, however, you want to make sure you remove this layer completely. Gel cleanser can remove the sticky dispersion layer left behind after curing gel products. Gel nail cleanser is the essential final step to a flawless gel manicure with mirror shine. A good cleanser not only removes the adhesive layer, but also provides extra shine. The gel cleanser from Ugly Duckling Nails contains a tiny bit of oil, for that extra bit of shine, without leaving the nail greasy. 

This is also the best product to work with Velveteen Acrygel: moisten your brush in the cleanser so it doesn't stick to the product.
Quickly complete your collection of nail products with a good cleanser, because you really can't create perfectly manicured nails without one!

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