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Why builder gel is so important

When it comes to nail extensions, today we have so many options to play with. From glitters and foils to stunning nail-art effects, the nail world continues to evolve. As you probably already know, I often give nail art workshops as well. As I gained more experience in my salon and also in teaching, I've started to teach nail perfection training as well. I wanted to help people make their work more beautiful. So I needed more nail products. Including of course a good builder gel.

First of all you need to understand what you use a builder gel for. Builder gels are what you are going to use to give shape, length, thickness and strength to the nail. You can apply the builder gel on natural nails or use it with forms or nail tips to make extensions. A set of nails made with builder gel will last at least three weeks, but this of course depends on the brand you use and how well you apply it - plus how well the old gel was removed. When applied to natural nails, a strong and healthy base is required.

Buy builder gel at Alina Hoyo

Because builder gel is so important for placing good gel nails, we only have the best brands in our assortment. Urban Nails and Ugly Duckling Nails are my favorites.
What I really like about Ugly Duckling Nails, among other things, is that they have a very wide and varied assortment. Let me take you through the wonderful world of Ugly Duckling Nails. As you might have read here on my website, this brand can best be described as a brand with a no-nonsense policy. That means that they don't have 10 different topcoats for example, but they always search until they find the best and that's what they produce. This also applies to the builder gels they offer. All of them are high quality builder gels and they are super to work with.
For Urban Nails, I'm especially happy with the Fiber Gels: they have small pieces of fiberglass in the gel, for those customers who work in the hospitality industry, for example, and therefore need super-strong nails. Besides the Rubber Base, gel brushes and gels for nail-art, we also have the Fibers by Urban Nails in our assortment.

UV gel nail builder

What are the best UV gel nail builders? These are the brands you buy from us. We also work with these products ourselves, because they bring out amazing results time and time again. Take a look at the wide range in our shop!

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