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In our webshop you'll find a wide range of nail art gels and nail art 3d gel. Perfect for each set of gel nails to finish and your collection of gel nail products complete.

Nail art gels for all precision work

Nail art gels are made for the artist in every nail stylist. In combination with a precision brush, you can draw very tight precise lines with nail art gels. Because of the special formula of these nail art gels fine lines cover in one time. The formula is highly pigmented and creamy making it not only efficient but also easy to work with. Nail art gels are not only useful for making nail art but also for touching up or finishing the nail these precise gels can come in handy. The nail art gels are intermixable to create many more color options.

Besides 'normal' nail art gels we also have glitter gels for nail art, foil gel, 3D gel, Schtik it and spider gels in our range. Everything to let your creativity run wild.

All these nail art gels combine well with our other gel nail products such as the gel polish and color gel in our range.

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Are you looking for nail art gels in our nail products wholesale shop? We are happy to give advice on the best products. All our nail art gels are from well-known quality brands. So we guarantee that you always buy good quality products when you buy from our webshop. Besides this quality we like to offer good service. We answer all your questions as soon as possible. You also benefit from fast delivery. Most orders are shipped immediately and can be received the next day already. If this is not possible, it takes up to two days before you can receive your package. We make sure that ordering from Alina Hoyo will be a party!

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