Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling

UGLY... DUCKLING... have you ever thought about that name? Now who uses the word UGLY in the name of their brand of BEAUTY products... Haha, I liked it immediately. By the name alone I knew that this could not be an ordinary brand. 

At the end of 2017 I first started talking to the people behind Ugly Duckling Nails. A lot has happened since then, nothing but fun things!
More about my experiences with the fantastic team behind Ugly Duckling's nail products can be found at the bottom of this page.

Have fun with these fantastic products!

Love, Alina

Ugly Duckling Nails Sculpting Gel

Premium builder gels by
Ugly Duckling Nails

Ugly Duckling Nails Brushes

Ugly Duckling Brushes are available in Premium or Basic version

Ugly Duckling Nails Files & Buffers

Extra economical per full pack

Ugly Duckling Nails Gel Polish

Over 160 colours
Ugly Duckling Gel Polish

Ugly Duckling Nails Color Gel

Beautiful colors that really cover in one layer!

Ugly Duckling Nails Nail-Art Gels

Schtik it, Schmelt it, 3D art Gel,
all the gels you want for nail-art!

Ugly Duckling Nails Premium Acrylics

Powder & Liquid

Ugly Duckling Nails Colored Acrylics

For full-colors as well as for awesome nail-art creations!

Ugly Duckling Nails Tips & Forms

Nail forms and tips, both for extensions as well as for nail-art

Ugly Duckling

Where to start…... November 13, 2017… it was a Monday, yeah I remember... On that day I woke up, and like every morning I check all social media channels and emails. But that morning I couldn't believe my eyes! One of the messages on my Instagram was: Ugly Duckling has reposted your picture!!! Say whattt?!! That page with all those nice sets, with so many followers had reposted MY picture... Boom! I woke up instantly!

Over the course of 2018 my photo’s were now regularly shared by Ugly Duckling Nails and there was also some chatting back-and-forth. When I was invited that summer by Yvonne Duclos to attend the 5K in Canada, this was a dream come true. At that moment Bobby and I didn't yet realise what adventure was awaiting us.
For those who do not yet know the 5K, this is a five day course, organized by Ugly Duckling Nails in Canada itself. Every day 1 or 2 different educators. You can't compare this course with any other. The atmosphere, the togetherness, all those people from all over the world who come together to make the most beautiful creations for 5 days… Oh my god, never in my life have I experienced such a training.  

Ugly Duckling Nails

What's so special about this brand? There are so many good brands on the market of course… what makes Ugly Duckling different?
Ugly Duckling Nails is of course in the first place a brand with many beautiful and good products. But what convinced me most of all to work with them are the people BEHIND the brand. It's not just a team of distributors, educators and ambassadors. It is a close family, a family with only respect, love and friendship for each other. That's what Ugly Duckling really stands for: sending only positive vibes into the world, and above all supporting, helping and inspiring each other.

The products themselves are of the highest quality and are fairly priced. And what's nice is the no-nonsense policy. No endless list of many hundreds of colors, but only the colors that the whole #ducksquad stands behind and that really cover well. Neither are there tons of topcoats: rather there's the best Matt Top Coat, the best No-Wipe and then the Tacky Top, with an adhesive layer - that's all you need!

Who knows my work and follows me on social media, knows that nail-art is really my thing. Just like many nail stylists who buy Ugly Duckling Nails, I am totally in love with the Schtik it, a real must-have to adhere your Swarovski crystals. Ugly Duckling really has the best nail-art tools and nail-art gels.  As you all know one brand however never has ALL. That's why I'm so happy that besides Ugly Duckling Nails we can also offer Urban Nails in our nail products shop. Because, admit it, who has more and more beautiful glitters than Janetta? 

Another addition we have is in the area of manicure tools. As you all know, every set starts with a good preparation. And to properly prepare the natural nail you need quality materials to do a thorough manicure. I once got a cuticle nipper and pusher by Staleks from my friend Anja. She said: try these, you'll be amazed. And yes, I admit it, I still have the same nipper and pusher today, haha. So I said to Bobby, these are nail products that we need to have in our wholesale nail products shop.

Buy Ugly Duckling Nails

Why would you buy Ugly Duckling Nails?

  • First and foremost, it is very nice for all professionals that this brand is sold exclusively to professionals. So it will not be sold to your customers.
  • Price-quality is perfectly proportional with Ugly Duckling.
  • Wide range from gel polish to acrylic.

As a nail wholesaler, we're the importer and main distributor of Ugly Duckling Nails. 

My husband Bobby and I, together with our ambassadors and staff, are ready to offer you the best service and to answer all the questions of our customers as soon as possible.

In the Netherlands you can also contact our distributor Patricia Vonck of Nail Trends with your questions and of course for the full range of Ugly Duckling Nails nail products. You can find her webshop at

Have fun with the fantastic products by Ugly Duckling Nails!

Love, Alina

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