Online education

The world has been changed by the coronavirus. Positive point: I have discovered that I can help a lot more people by also organizing online workshops. 
I think an online training should go much further than just a movie, so we have created a training platform where it is easy to share your experiences. For each workshop you do homework and send it on, so I can help you to really get the good results. After that you will of course also receive a certificate with every training.

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To the training platform

Within a few minutes after signing up for an online training, you will automatically receive an email with info on how to log on to the training platform.
If you can't find that email, don't forget to check your junk mail!

Have you already taken an online course, and now you want to log back in to the training platform? Then please visit

Nail Tech Training Course

Do you want to turn your hobby into your profession?
Or have you taken a basic training, but the knowledge is tucked away somewhere?

We organize both evening courses and bootcamps - in both you will learn all the steps to place gel nails correctly, only the pace of the training is different. The nail technician courses are given by Anja Faut or by Alina Hoyo.
Do note that classes are primarily taught in Dutch!

Workshops in Bruges

Prefer to take a face-to-face class? That's possible!

All workshops are in extremely small groups - that way you get all the attention needed to be able to improve upon yourself.

Classes are primarily taught in Dutch, if you're not comfortable with that, or if you just want all attention for yourself an don't want to be in a group - then a private class is what you need!

Workshops with Alina Hoyo

I have always had an artistic talent and have also gained a lot of background knowledge in my training as a designer at the University of Havana, Cuba. When I was studying to be a Nagel stylist (with Sophie Dermul, whom I will always be grateful to because she did a great job!) I soon fell in love with how I could express myself artistically in my sets with Nail-Art.

After I finally gathered the courage to post my work on Facebook, a lot of positive feedback came quickly. Many colleagues wanted to know the secrets of the techniques I was working with, then it was mainly foil design and not much later the mandalas. Suddenly there was a message from a wholesaler, if I wanted to come and teach there...
I had never been so nervous: I had the feeling that my Dutch wasn't good enough and that I certainly had to gain a lot more experience before I could learn something from someone else!

I have spent many hours in the classroom by now and really: nothing makes me happier than the enthusiastic reactions I always get from my students!
At the end of 2019 I was invited to teach at the 5K, an event organized by Ugly Duckling Nails, where I taught in English to more than 80 students. I was ridiculously nervous but even there the feedback was fantastic! 

I like nothing better than sharing my knowledge and experience with other nail stylists.
Are you coming to take a class as well?

Love, Alina

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