Nail Art

What's Nail Art to you?
For me, Nail Art is a feeling of freedom! No rules, no right or wrong, but the freedom to express my own creativity, to transform my dream world into something tangible.


Use Nail-Art foil on your designs, or to cover the entire nail. We've selected the most popular colors for you, and also offer you a range of foil boxes - with a nice collection of matching foils.


Big, small, under the topcoat, like sugar... pfff, so much you can do with it, unbelievable! You can imagine how thrilled I was when Urban Nails offered to develop my own sugar especially for me: Alina's Fairy Dust is my favorite - glitter, sugar and pigment in one! In the nail-art webshop you can find hundreds of glitters, take a look!


Oh my god that shine... I love it! Too bad many colleagues stow away their pigments in a forgotten drawer, mostly because they have trouble with them peeling off. Well, I'll tell you a little trick: first polish your pigment in a No-Wipe top coat and then apply a layer of Natural base or rubber base, cure, and then apply a glossy top coat. You'll see, they'll stay until the next appointment!


Did you know we're officialy Swarovski® Authorized Reseller?


As everyone knows, glitter and Swarovski® Crystals are two of my favorites to make Nail Art sets. The possibilities are endless. Since I combine the Swarovski® crystals with caviar, the whole thing looks even more refined. And although those little balls are sometimes a real "pain in the ass" (read: most of the time), I can't imagine life without them. They just belong there.

Nail-Art Gels

For the mandala nail-art, and actually all the hand-drawn Nail Art I do, I like to make very thin lines... For that, you need a well-pigmented paintgel. The Ugly Duckling Art gels can be mixed with each other, that way you can make all the colors you want. These gels are made specifically for drawing, so they won't run out at all while you're creating your design.
Oh, and the Schtik it, have you tried it? Unbelievable!

Nail-Art Accessories

Offcourse, all these glitters, pigments, Art Gel and Swarovski® Crystals do not end up on the nails by themselves, there is no magic that does that, we still need Nail Art brushes and other Nail Art tools.
Especially for the application of the Swarovski® Crystals we have for example the Blinger tool, the word says it all. A tool to apply your bling. On one side you have a dotting tool, handy to put the Schtik it on your nail and on the other side a wax point with which you can easily pick up and place your stones. For the caviar I use the Gem Gel and the Detailer II. But of course there are many more Nail Art brushes than just these. 

I can hear you thinking... My customers don't want nail art. Maybe your clients just don't know you can do it! Not everyone's on Social Media... What you can do, or at least what I do, is showcase my nail-art examples. You have very nice displays for that. It's great to put them somewhere in your salon to show your nail-art tips and warm up your customers ;-)