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There's nothing more beautiful than a good manicure. There's something about having beautiful, shiny nails that makes us feel ready to tackle anything from a screeching toddler to an intimidating job interview. With Alina Hoyo's premium UV-LED lamps, you can make every woman happy again with beautiful nails.
Combine the best of both a UV nail lamp and LED lamps. Because LED nail dryers offer a faster drying time compared to traditional UV lamps, they are more practical than UV lamps. UV lamps typically take about 2 minutes to cure gels, while LED UV lamps take half that time or even less. Second, UV lamps with LED technology last much longer than traditional UV lamps. In the traditional UV nail lamps, with normal to heavy use, you need to replace the bulbs every 6 months. The LED UV nail lamps, on the other hand, last for several years, even with intensive use.

Our LED-UV lamps also have a special "low-heat" feature, for those customers who are prone to pain from heat buildup when curing the gel nail products. Not all lamps work at the same wavelength, so you cannot use some lamps with all gels. We guarantee you that our lamp for nails is compatible with all products in our range of products for gel nails.

UV-LED lamps for on the go

Ugly Duckling Nails' UV-LED lamps are suitable for both home and salon use. Do you often go to training sessions, or do you do nails at your clients' homes? Then check out the rechargeable model that is very easy to take with you.
For real mobility, look at one of the mini models or a UV flashlight. These are great for working with nail art, but also to take with you when traveling for when you want to do a little repair on your gel nails on the go!

Wondering how to make the most beautiful nail art with one of our lamps? Then follow one of the online courses.

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