Urban Nails

Urban Nails

When I say glitter and foil, what brand do you immediately think of? Yess, Urban Nails! 
The foils of Urban Nails were the first nail products I ever sold in 2014. Urban Nails is consistently on top of the latest nail-art trends and has an extensive range of glitters, pigments and much more bling!

The selection of Urban Nails nail products we offer in our nail products shop is a perfect addition to the nail products of Ugly Duckling Nails.  

Besides a lot of nail-art by Urban Nails, we also offer the famous Rubber Base by Urban Nails, as well as the Fiber Gels, for those who want a differently structured builder gel. 
I've personally tested and selected all these products in order to offer you the best possible service.

In the description of each product you'll find an explanation of my favorite personal technique to work with it, so be sure to come back here for a quick how-to-use after you've received your order ;-)
If you have any questions you can always send me a message!

Love, Alina

Urban Nails Diamond Line Glitters

Middle-fine glitter (size 0.008)
use as sugar or in tacky layer

Urban Nails Next Generation Glitters

Mix of fine and coarse glitters for even more shine!

Urban Nails Glitter Specials

Glitter boxes, Limited Editions, and Alina's personal glitters!

Urban Nails Pure Foil

Nice collections in foil boxes, as well as a selection of loose foils

Urban Nails Caviar Beads

The best caviar for nail-art.
5 colors, each in 4 sizes

Urban Nails Striping Tape

For nice and shiny super-straight fine lines

Rubber Base

Urban Nails Rubber Base Gel is a thick base gel that is delightful to apply. When used correctly, this product is the end of all your adhesion problems!
You can use Rubber Base as a base layer under a gel polish treatment, under gel nails, or you can directly sculpt the nails with it! Rubber Base is available in Clear, Natural, Pink and Peach to directly match with any complexion, and even to do a full rebalance treatment with Rubber Base. There are also special colors like the Milky White but also the "Shimmers" - with a soft shimmer in it.

Urban Nails Fiber Gel

Fiber Gel contains little strands of glassfiber for extra strength

Urban Nails Brushes

Urban Nails Brushes for gel nails

Urban Nails Accessories

Showtips, brush holders, nail-art storage boxes. All the necessities for your nail salon.

Aurora Pigments

These super-fine pigments are meant to be polished in a no-wipe top coat - they give your nail a chameleon-like discolouring mirror shine. Best results on matching colours.

Chrome Pigments

Create a beautiful chrome shine by polishing these pigments into a no-wipe top coat. Best result on dark colors.


Nice metallic ornaments to use in your nail-art.

Cuticle Oil

Just like the nail guru Doug Schoon keeps repeating: take care of those cuticles!

Spider Gel

Super fine lines for designs, but also fun fantasy nail art - do it with Spider Gel from Urban Nails!

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