Nail Art

Qu'est-ce que le nail-art pour toi ? 
Pour moi, le nail-art est un sentiment de liberté ! Pas de règles, pas de bien ou de mal, mais la liberté d'exprimer ma propre créativité, de transformer mon monde de rêve en quelque chose de tangible.

nail-art foil

Utilisez-le sur votre dessin de nail-art

nail-art Paillettes

Grand, petit, sous le top-coat, comme du sucre... pfff, tant de choses que tu peux faire avec, incroyable!

nail-art pigments

C'est tellement beau, ça brille... J'en suis fou!

nail-art swarovski

Dans toutes les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel

nail-art caviar

Faites passer votre art des ongles au niveau supérieur

gel pour nail-art

Pour votre artiste intérieur

showtips & displays pour artiste des ongles

Pour présenter votre nail art

Outils pour Nail-Art pour artist des ongles

Pour placer du caviar, du Swarovski, des paillettes, ...

Pinceaux pour Nail-Art por artist des ongles

Utilisez-le pour dessiner vos nail art

striping tape pour artist des ongles

Pour un nail art d'un niveau supérieur


Accessories Nail Art

As everyone knows, glitter and Swarovski Crystals are two of my all-time favorite nail art accessories. The possibilities are endless. Since I've been combining the Swarovski Crystals with caviar, the whole thing looks even more sophisticated. And although those little balls are a real "pain in the ass" sometimes (read most of the time), I can't imagine life without them anymore. They just belong there. 
Another nail art accessory I can't live without are glitters. Big, small, under the topcoat, sugar... pfff so much you can do with it, incredible! You can imagine how great it is to have my own sugar, the Alina's Fairy Dust, since this year. This is my number 1 glitter.

What else do we have? Oh yes, the mandalas of course and all the other hand drawn nail art I do.... For this you need a well-pigmented paint gel. This is our Art Gel, a dozen colors that you can also mix together. This way you can make all the colors you want. These gels are specifically made for drawing, so they do not run at all while you are creating your design.

What we should definitely not forget are pigments. It's so beautiful, that shine... I love it. Unfortunately, they often disappear into the back of a forgotten drawer at colleagues' houses because they have trouble staying on. Well, I'll tell you a little trick. Brush your pigment on a No WIpe Topcoat and then put a layer of Natural base or rubber base on top, harden and topcoat. You'll see, they stay perfect! These mirror pigments are just too beautiful to leave them aside.

Offcourse, all these glitters, pigments, Art Gel and Swarovski Crystals don't end up on the nails by themselves, there is no magic that does that, for that we still need Nail Art brushes and other Nail Art tools.
To apply the Swarovski Crystals, for instance, we have the Blinger tool, the word says it all. A tool to apply your bling. On one side you have a dotting tool, useful for the application of the schtik it on your nail and on the other side a wax tip which you can use to pick up and place your stones without problems.For the caviar I use the detailer II. But of course there are many more Nail Art brushes than just this one. You can't do everything with 1 brush, sometimes the hairs need to be a bit longer, then you can use the stripers, or maybe the brush needs to be a bit wider, then you have the painter. Nice eh all those names... I love it. For ombres and colorbooms I use the ombré brush, obvious right?

I can hear you guys thinking... My clients don't take nail art. Maybe your clients just don't know you can do it. Not everyone is on social media. What you can do, or at least what I do, is display my nailart examples. You have very nice displays for that. We have the Ugly Duckling Nails Crystal Pallet, super pretty to put somewhere in your salon to show your nail-art tips. And believe me, when they see what beautiful works of art you can create, I'm sure they won't be able to resist.

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