Swarovski Authorized Reseller


For years I have been using these beautiful crystals in almost every set of nails. People are shocked even when I place a photo without crystals, haha. It also just feels super weird for me not to use them in my creations.

I love them because you can make so many different kinds of designs, using different colors and sizes also gives your design a very special dynamic. I'm in love up to my ears with nail art with Swarovski crystals, I wouldn't be able to live without them I think :-) 

We have been selling these beautiful crystals for a few years now, and since 2019 we are Swarovski® Authorized Retailer. This means that, together with Swarovski, we promise you that you will only get genuine Swarovski crystals from us!

Buy Swarovski crystals

We have over 60 different shapes and colours of Swarovski crystals - and then several sizes of each!

Swarovski Rose Flatbacks

your "normal" crystals
round with a flat back

Swarovski Pearls

Fully round pearls or "cabochons": pearls with a flat back

Swarovski Special Shape Flatbacks

Crystals with beautiful special shapes.

Swarovski CrystalPixie

Specially made for nailart: beautiful shapes and colors

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski® Crystals can be placed securely on your nail-art creation using Schtik it by Ugly Duckling Nails.
For very small crystals, for pearls, caviar, as well as for the finishing touch of even the tiniest of tiny edges, you can use Gem Gel by Urban Nails.

I also use the Blinger, to place the crystals right where I want them, as well as the Johny to safely store them.
After placing all the crystals where I want them, I use the Detailer II and a bit of No-Wipe to touch up the edges.

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