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The highest quality silicone practice hands

Aleana Hand makes the most beautiful practice hands you have ever seen!
Use them to improve your skills and to make beautiful pictures. Your model will never get tired :-)

Magnetic Half Hand
This is the magnetic half hand of the model Anais, this hand has no thumb. The hand has a magnetic plate, which makes it easy to attach it to the holder. The holder can be ordered separately here.

Three different colours

  • Winter (cool, white, light-coloured skin tone with a neutral undertone; PANTONE 2Y02 SP)
  • Autumn (warm, golden, tanned skin tone with a warm undertone; PANTONE 1R08 SP)
  • Summer (golden brown, chestnut, dark skin tone with a warm undertone; PANTONE 3R12 SP)

Two types


  • Poseable (bendable fingers that stay in the position you set them to - this variant is easier for those who will be using the hand primarily as a photo model)
  • Flexible (soft, non-fixed fingers - these bend more easily in different positions but cannot be fixed - easier for those who will use the hand mainly as a practice model)

Two types of finishing

  • OneColour - the hand is made in a beautiful skin colour of your choice (winter/summer/autumn)
  • LifeLike - after the production process of the OneColour variant, a lifelike colour is applied by hand - veins and wrinkles finish it off so that your hand cannot be distinguished from a real one.

Tips not included

Holder not included

Material Compatibility

  • Do not immerse your hand in acetone. This will deform your practice hand and make the silicone brittle.
  • If necessary, disinfect the silicone surface with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA70%).

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Super hand!
Wat een mooi product. Geweldig en zo echt! Werkt heel fijn en is mooi om foto's mee te maken.
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