Chrome Pigment 19

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Beautiful Chrome pigments that give a dark mirror effect


  • Finish the nail as you're used to and top it with a No-Wipe topcoat, like Urban Nails High Shine.
  • Make sure there are no particles in the top for you'll note them more when you add the chrome shine.
  • Cure the topcoat 1 min UV-lamp or 30 sec LED.
  • Rub in the aurora pigment in the High Shine top with the Chromer or a silicon tool
  • Keep rubbing until all loose powder is gone.
  • Fixate in by curing another minute for UV or 30s for LED
  • Apply a layer of IQ Bond to protect your pigment, mind the top of the nail.
  • Finally, cover your work with the NeXt topgel for a high shine finish and cure.

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Heel mooi effect
Mooi spiegeleffecr
Makkelijk aan te brengen
Ik heb al verschillende chromes geprobeerd maar dit is toch wel mijn favoriet! Het effect is heel mooi en zoals op de foto! Het is zeer gemakkelijk aan te brengen. Echt een aanrader!
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