Aurora Pigment 06

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Beautiful Aurora Chrome pigments that give a chameleon mirror effect


  • Finish the nail as you're used to and top it with a No-Wipe topcoat, like Urban Nails High Shine.
  • Make sure there are no particles in the top for you'll note them more when you add the chrome shine.
  • Cure the topcoat 1 min UV-lamp or 30 sec LED.
  • Rub in the aurora pigment in the High Shine top with the Chromer or a silicon tool
  • Keep rubbing until all loose powder is gone.
  • Fixate in by curing another minute for UV or 30s for LED
  • Apply a layer of IQ Bond to protect your pigment, mind the top of the nail.
  • Finally, cover your work with the NeXt topgel for a high shine finish and cure.

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