15ml Milky White
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The Builder Base is a must-have... this product allows you to do literally anything:

  • you can use it as a base for your gel polish
  • you can make the apex with it
  • you can also do short extensions with tips

The product flows so well by itself that you don't have to file it after curing, and you can apply your color directly to the adhesive layer of the Builder Base... So a huge time gain.
If you work with Builder Base you can lay a quality set of nails in about 50 minutes, and "Time is Money" huh!

Always use a layer of Builder Base after applying your Primer, and this for all treatments with Ugly Duckling products: Gel, Acrylic or Acrylic Gel

Ugly Duckling Builder Base

  • optimal adhesion for all gel products, as well as acrylic and acrygel products
  • fills imperfections of the natural nail
  • gives shape and extra strength
  • soakable

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Voor het eerst babyboom gemaakt , met behulp van jullie filmpje
Fijn product
Heel fijn product om mee te werken
Toppie 😀
Mooiste milkey white
Mooiste die er is. I love it Richtje 👋🏻
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