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Acrylic liquid is the foundation for strong and beautiful acrylic nails

Acrylic nails have been around for decades and have become indispensable. Acrylic nails are strong, shiny and are also ideal for making nail extensions. A good acrylic liquid is the basis for a beautiful and durable set of acrylic nails.Gel nails have been on the rise in recent years and in many places they are already much more popular than acrylic nails. However, for extreme nail extensions, 3D nail art and other extreme applications, acrylic still reigns supreme, so gel will never be able to completely replace acrylic.

Why use acrylic liquid?

Acrylic liquid, or 'liquid monomer' is mixed with acrylic powder so that you get a little ball of acrylic that immediately begins to cure. With a special brush for acrylic nails you model this ball in the desired shape to get a beautiful and durable nail.  The acrylic nails you can make with our acrylic liquid are very strong, very shiny and can be made in different colors by adding different powders. Acrylic liquid can also be used with tips and forms.

Buy acrylic liquid at Alina Hoyo

Buy acrylic liquid? We have very high quality acrylic liquid. With only the best quality products, a professional can effortlessly set a perfectly finished acrylic nail. The acrylic liquid in our range is chosen on quality. The combination of our acrylic liquid and powders offers fantastic workability and superior control. Our acrylic liquid and powders are suitable for every nail stylist. Whether you are just starting out or already a seasoned nail professional and have a lot of experience. With our acrylic liquid and powders you can create the most beautiful acrylic nail creations in no time.
Also all other supplies for putting acrylic nails can be found on our webshop. From acrylic powder and color acrylic to acrylic brushes and other acrylic tools.
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