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You don't just get beautiful nails, the first step is always a good manicure. Very often the importance of this is still underestimated, I have noticed. The nail plate really has to be completely clean to have a good adhesion - that applies to all the products you want to apply to the nail plate. Most of us use the combi-manicure in our salon, that is: a part is done with the e-file and besides that you use a pusher and sheet pliers or scissors.
Over the years I've used different manicure tools but it wasn't always just that, you know? Either the pusher was too wide, or the cuticle nippers weren't comfortable to hold, or they got blunt... I always came across something I wasn't completely satisfied with.

Until the day I got my hands on a pusher and cuticle nippers made by Staleks. OH MY GOD, what was that?! I'll tell you, they were fantastic! Never before had I had a pusher that wasn't too wide for the little finger, and those cuticle nippers... Wow, they lay perfectly in my hand, and the cutting edge was just long enough, but at the same time not too long. I worked with them for a couple of days and immediately I said to Bobby: "we have to have these for our customers!"
So, not much later we also had this fantastic brand on offer. I was so happy!

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Staleks has so much choice in all their materials, a pair of nippers isn't just a pair of nippers. There are so many different types, sizes and categories, unbelievable. In addition to the cuticle nippers, we also have cuticle scissors because some colleagues prefer to work with them. It's a personal preference which you prefer to use, or which you're more comfortable with. All manicure instruments by Staleks are made of medical grade stainless steel and are highly corrosion resistant. So you can put them in your disinfectant with peace of mind, nothing happens to them.