Rubber Base

Are you looking for a rubber base gel in our wholesale nail shop? We will gladly advise you on the best products. A rubber base gel is a thick base layer for gel polish that is extra elastic and flexible in nature and ensures a firm adhesion.  And just like real rubber, this product is very flexible, so it moves with the nail and doesn't easily come loose from the nail plate. The flexible property stems from the fact that more plasticizers have been added to these base layers, allowing them to bend easily without breaking. They ensure that the nail cannot break easily.
But now I hear you think: Do rubber base gels contain some kind of rubber? No, but they have this name because of how rubbery they can be. The basecoats you buy at Alina Hoyo are suitable for any brand of gels. You can also use this product as a base for all treatment of Ugly Duckling.

Rubber Base nails

So the rubber base is the underlayer of the nail enhancement. Rubber base helps to easily improve the shape and length of the nail. It is made for nail stylists who want to work quickly and efficiently. The rubber base gels of Alina Hoyo have a unique composition and are free of dangerous substances and solvents. They keep the nails healthy and strong.

Urban Nails Rubber Base

Urban Nails rubber base guarantees extra strong adhesive properties, long life of nails without holes and air bubbles, even in a thin layer. Urban Nails rubber base is also elastic and flexible, with high gloss and long life. Thanks to the thickness of the rubber base, you can build excellent, which allows you to create a nice bulge. The adhesion is so strong that the use of a primer is not necessary.

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