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The Rubber Base Flake is a is a coloured base with gold particles.

Thanks to its thickness, you can build with this gel excellently, creating a nice bulge. Just like real rubber, this product is very flexible. This property prevents nail loosening. The firmness and flexibility of the gel results in a very strong nail.

The adhesion is so strong that the use of a primer is not necessary. Nevertheless, the Rubber Base can be easily soaked off.

You can use this product as a base for all treatments with Ugly Duckling Nails products.

Rubber Base Gel cures in 2 min under UV or 1 min under LED .


Working Method

  • Use a buffer to roughen the natural nail
  • Pre-treat the nail with a prep
  • Optional: apply a primer for extra adhesion
  • Apply a layer of Rubber Base Gel
  • Cure the nail for 2 min under UV or 1 min under LED
  • Optional: apply a second layer of Rubber Base Gel and cure in the same way. With this second layer you can also build a little.
  • Rubber Base exists in more than 25 colours. Are you going for a nice natural look with one of these colours? Then finish with a top-coat now.
  • Of course, you can also use a colour: choose a nice gel polish and apply it now as usual, and then apply your top coat.


Packaging and Shelf Life

  • Rubber Base Gel is available in a 15ml black bottle. The most popular colours also come in 5g, 30g or 50g jars, and 100ml refill bottles.
  • After opening, these products have a shelf life of 12 months.
  • Especially when working with the jars, keep in mind that the product is very sensitive to light, so close immediately and absolutely keep away from your lamp and windows!

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