Rhombus Crystal Aurore Boreale

10 x 6 mm (4pcs)
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Crystal Aurore Boreale is Swarovski's famous effect: designed in 1956 for Dior and still the most sought-after crystal effect today. The effect layer makes these crystals shine strongly in all the colors of the aurora borealis, the northern lights.

These crystals are cut in the shape of a diamond, with beautiful facets. They have a flat backside with a layer of foil, which makes them shine beautifully.

We are Swarovski Authorized Reseller and only sell genuine Swarovski® crystals! 

How to place crystals on the nail

The best product to truly attach crystals to the nail is Ugly Duckling's Schtik it.

  • Finish the nail all the way up to the top coat.
  • Does your topcoat have an adhesive layer? First remove it with a cleanser without oil or alcohol. If you use a No-Wipe, you can get started right away.
  • Use a dotting tool to apply a very small amount of Schtik it to the nail.
  • Take the crystals with a wax tool and push them on the Schtik it.
    • Have you got the Blinger yet? That's a wax-tool and dotting-tool in one!
  • When all the crystals are where you want them, you cure the product: 1min LED or 2min UV.
  • To prevent hair or clothing from sticking to the edges of the crystals, finish them with a fine brush and a little No-Wipe top coat.
  • Please never apply product to the top of the crystals, you will lose that beautiful shine!
  • When using genuine Swarovski crystals and following these steps, your customer will enjoy them for 3 to 4 weeks!
  • To remove the crystals you should never use an e-file! Instead, use some (old!) cuticle nippers. Beware: you're crystal will fly away! Wear safety goggles, so you don't get them in your eyes.

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