Cabochon Drop - Crystal White Pearl

8 x 5 mm (10pcs)
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Cabochons are pearl-shaped crystals with a flat back.

We are Swarovski Authorized Reseller and only sell genuine Swarovski® crystals! 

How to place crystals on the nail

The best product to truly attach crystals to the nail is Ugly Duckling's Schtik it.

  • Finish the nail all the way up to the top coat.
  • Does your topcoat have an adhesive layer? First remove it with a cleanser without oil or alcohol. If you use a No-Wipe, you can get started right away.
  • Use a dotting tool to apply a very small amount of Schtik it to the nail.
  • Take the crystals with a wax tool and push them on the Schtik it.
    • Have you got the Blinger yet? That's a wax-tool and dotting-tool in one!
  • When all the crystals are where you want them, you cure the product: 1min LED or 2min UV.
  • To prevent hair or clothing from sticking to the edges of the crystals, finish them with a fine brush and a little No-Wipe top coat.
  • Please never apply product to the top of the crystals, you will lose that beautiful shine!
  • When using genuine Swarovski crystals and following these steps, your customer will enjoy them for 3 to 4 weeks!
  • To remove the crystals you should never use an e-file! Instead, use some (old!) cuticle nippers. Beware: you're crystal will fly away! Wear safety goggles, so you don't get them in your eyes.

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