Black Magic by Alina Hoyo

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Is it a glitter? Is it a sugar? Or is it both?
I don't know, but it is the coolest effect ever! 

Urban Nails and Alina Hoyo put in long hard work to perfect this Black Magic for you: when applied to a nail, something magic happens - hundreds of tiny small sparkling elements light up! You can use Black Magic only with black color :-)

To use as a sugar

Are you looking for a sugar-effect? No problems: finish the nail entirely and apply a top coat; now sprinkle the Black Magic in the wet top coat and after that, cure in your lamp. Done.

To use as a glitter

First, finish the nail as usual, and cure your color coat. Now sparkle the Black Magic in the tacky layer of your colour and brush it in with an old brush. Finish off with a top coat, don't forget to seal the top of the nail!
Does your colorgel or gel polish cure without a tacky layer, or do you use powder-and-liquid acrylics? First apply a top coat with a tacky layer, cure, brush in the Black Magic in the top coat's tacky layer, and then finish of with another coat of top to seal it off, and that's it!



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Black Magic
Zeer tevreden ❤️
Love it !
I just love it ! It’s perfect !
Wat een leuk effect met deze glitters! Wauw!
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